High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain

H3PS project is developing the first parallel hybrid powertrain for General Aviation, 4 seat aircraft. The totally new system aims to pioneer solutions in reducing impact of air travel on environment.

H3PS will power the Tecnam P2010, but will also be suitable for an entire market segment which still employs leaded fuel and piston engines whose basic technology, although reliable, is over 60 years old.

The project is managed by three top European GA players: TECNAM (coordinator) for airframe and system integration, BRP-ROTAX for design and integration of combustion engine and e-motor, SIEMENS for e-motor and power storage. Bringing in the sky a parallel hybrid will show its benefits and its high scalability level for up to 11 seats airplanes.

The goal will be a marketable solution to bring new and old General Aviation aircraft in the hybrid vehicles arena, providing an immediate way to leave leaded fuels while offering superior performances, comparable installation weights while featuring fuel savings and greener operations.